Good Cheap Health Insurance
and Prescriptions
at a Fraction of the Cost

Looking for good cheap health insurance?  Our review can show you where and how to get it now!

Unfortunately, “Free Quotes” mean very little.  In fact, getting one without knowing how health
insurance underwriting works, could cost you more money.

Did you know that how you
USE and even APPLY for health insurance can effect:
As a former Health Insurance Executive and Internal Medicine Physician for more
than 15 years, I have devoted my career to correcting health disparities through
education and technology.  

We sympathize with your situation and want to help.  Health insurance and health
reform is complicated.  Health insurance is too expensive and it doesn’t need to be.  
Too many so called cheap health insurance plans are either poor quality or out-right
Which plans are best?  How will health reform effect the plan you choose?  How do you get the best
rate?  The average person has little knowledge of how health insurance works, what makes a good
policy, or how risks and costs are calculated.

My team and I are expert authorities on health insurance and health care reform and we want to share
our knowledge with you to help you get GOOD Cheap Health Insurance and Prescriptions.
Physician and Former Insurance Executive
Reviews Cheap Health Insurance
and Prescriptions
and reveals how to get
GOOD Cheap health insurance
at a Fraction of the Cost
Even If You Have Pre-Existing Conditions
Don’t Get Another Quote Until You Read This
  • Avoid the “free quote” slam that might
    cost you plenty later

  • Improve your risk rating by knowing how
    to complete the medical questionnaire

  • Protect your ability to get cheap health
    insurance as you age and never get
    dropped or denied

  • Preserve your low cost advantage
    regardless of the number of claims

  • Protect your whole family for less

  • Know what insurers want and how to give
    it to them

  • Guarantee good cheap health insurance
    and prescriptions regardless of your
    previous medical history
Save Money with GOOD Cheap Health Insurance at a Fraction of the Cost
Even If You Have Pre-Existing Conditions
Knowledge Has the Power to Save Money....................

In these changing times, consumers like you are going to be expected to take
more responsibility for their own health and what they pay for it. If knowledge is
power, then, consumers like you need the power to determine their own health
future and how much it costs

If you knew how, why wouldn't you pay the least for the best health insurance
you could get?

They say that “hind-sight is 20 / 20.”  Why wait to regret getting the knowledge
you need to get good cheap health insurance?  Don’t pay more for health
insurance simply because you did not know what to do to pay less.
Don’t get poor quality health care because the system makes it almost
impossible to know how to make health insurance companies and health
facilities accountable?

If you are paying monthly premiums (or about to) on a health policy,
wouldn't you want to make sure you were protected and informed
during the life of that policy?

Knowing how the health insurance system works, and acquiring the ability to
understand the language can help make you a true partner with your doctor.

Don’t let getting sick be an excuse for insurance companies
to raise your rates or drop your coverage.

No matter what form health reform takes, no system is perfect and the
consumers that suffer the most are always the ones that are the least informed.  
Know the changes in health reform might effect your
coverage and your premiums.    
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